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How to use personal data to improve Corporate Health


The success of any workplace programme is hugely reliant on employees taking charge of their health. But until now, employees haven’t really had the data or tools to measure how healthy, or unhealthy they are at any given time. But the advent of digital technology and mobile devices in the workplace are presenting huge opportunities to give people more control over their health. One of these is over their health information.

What does health data have to do it?

Your health data is key in outlining your levels of fitness and wellbeing. A high blood pressure or cholesterol reading are danger signs, and knowing your eye strength is essential for some jobs.


Most people are unaware of their own data until they end up in an emergency room. CenHealth allows you to take a proactive step in preventing major disease, by creating health records that staff members are in charge of.

What is a CenHealth Account?

It is a personal health record; instead of having a paper file with all your records from doctor’s visits, receipts, care instructions etc. you now have these organised electronically. Your records are accessible to you anytime via any web-enabled device, such as your computer, phone or tablet. It is an easy way to manage, track and access information about your health.

How does this change the Status Quo?

By having your health information, everything from basic info such as blood type, to details of allergies as well as a history of the medicine you have been on, you and your staff can now have a long term view of how your health is improving or declining. You can also add information about what you are doing to prevent disease, such as Cholesterol level and blood pressure, Exercise and dietary habits.

With this understanding, your workplace programme now develops the ability it speaks to specific health issues.

How can your company collaborate with employees?

We can create a platform which allows you to provide action-oriented tools such as

  • Activity Logs- how many steps taken, cardio exercise weekly etc.
  • Reminders- vaccinations, medicine refills, check ups
  • Health Goals- weight loss, increased stamina etc.
  • Task Lists- 30 minute walk in the morning, reduce time sitting, increase water intake, etc.

CenHealth Corporate Health and Wellness platform facilitates sharing of health data between you, your staff and their physicians. We also include objective measures from devices like scales, glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, and wearable trackers.

Contact us today for a chat about how we can improve the Health and wellness of your team.