Withings Smart Baby Monitor


Smart Baby Monitor

Always near your baby on your iPhone, iPad and Android device.

Best-in-class- When you connect you get a wide view of your baby’s room, high definition that lets you zoom in up to 4 times, and the ability to pan and tilt to have a look around.

An attentive ear- The monitor’s high quality audio feed alerts you if baby cries, but it’s also clear enough to hear their breathing.

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Product Description

Be notified when your baby needs attention

The Smart Baby Monitor knows just when to warn you — set it up and put your worries aside. Automatic noise and movement alerts notify you of any problems, such as crying or restlessness.

Ensure the most comfortable environment

Built-in sensors tell you if the room’s temperature and humidity are within recommended levels to ensure ideal sleeping conditions.

A quick glance at the last 15 minutes

Put the alert in perspective. Access a recorded history of the sound and movement variations over the past 15 minutes from within the app.

Working night and day

The monitor is on watch day in day out. The infrared Night Vision LEDs automatically light up when needed, giving you a clear image even when it is pitch black.

Free & secured unlimited access

Access to the Internet is all you need to monitor your baby from anywhere and everywhere.

The audiovisual feed is protected and streamed directly to you – it isn’t stored anywhere. Furthermore, the app keeps a record of who accessed the monitor and when