Withings Smart Body Analyzer


Full body knowledge

The Smart Body Analyzer helps you to master your silhouette.

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Product Description

 This connected scale tracks your weight and body composition to understand how your body works – the key to any successful lifestyle change. Consider variations of the fat-lean ratio and Body Mass Index to make sure you target the right kilograms. Reveal patterns, become weight-aware.

Heart rate measurement

Check your heart rate simply by stepping on the Smart Body Analyzer, with no extra effort. Just stand a few seconds on the Smart Body Analyzer while it measures your heart rate through your feet. If your resting heart rate drops over time, celebrate – you’re getting fitter.

Hassle-free set up and upload

Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, the Smart Body Analyzer is super easy to set up within just a few minutes on your phone. Your Wi-Fi network configuration is shared with the scale from the Withings iOS and Android app. After each weighing, the scale automatically uploads and syncs your weight data using its Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. You’ll enjoy the long range of Wi-Fi to weigh-in from anywhere in your home and the convenience of Bluetooth for on-the–go usage.

Pocket-sized coaching

Access your securely stored data whenever and wherever you need it in our free Health Mate app (iOS and Android) and use it as a coach. Set weight goals and let us take you there; first, by breaking them down into weekly achievable targets, then by giving you relevant tips on how to stay on track. The Smart Body Analyzer is also compatible with more than 60 health and fitness apps, such as Runkeeper and MyFitnessPal.

Indoor air quality monitoring

As the scale continuously checks the indoor air quality through temperature and carbon dioxide measuring, the app builds a CO2-level graph with important threshold information. Once measuring the CO2 levels, the application can notify you to let in some fresh air when levels are higher than usual.

One scale for the whole family

Designed for by the whole family, the Smart Body Analyzer lets you easily create a user profile for each person with only one single account. As the Smart Body Analyzer gets to know your weight, it automatically recognizes who steps on to ensure a seamless weigh in even if a different family member uses it.

Technical Specifications:

Inside the box:

  • 1 x Smart Body Analyzer
  • 4 x 1.5V Alkaline cells (AAA)
  • 4 x Carpet feet for high-accuracy on carpet or rug
  • 1 x Installation guide


  • Withings Health Mate app for iOS or Android
  • Withings web dashboard
  • 60+ compatibles apps and services


  • 1 year standard manufacturing warranty
  • Excludes wear and tear