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4 Tips for a Healthier Weekend


The weekend can be a danger zone when it comes to our health and weight-loss goals. During the week, we usually fall into a habit of having three steady meals, plan our snacks, fit in exercise at the same time and generally stay on track with positive behaviour, but the weekend is where it can all fall to pieces.

If your healthy habits get kicked to the curb on the weekend, here are some tips to keep you on track

  1. Eat as if its a weekday

When Saturday rolls around, sleeping in or running around with errands means you can easily skip meals and then make up for it later by overindulging in the evening.  Make sure you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and if you’ve got a busy day ahead, pack snacks for when you’re on the go so that you don’t end up pigging out on junk food.

  1. Go outside

Take advantage of being away from the office to get some fresh air and warm rays. Being outside can boost your body’s production of vitamin D. Studies show that people are happier when they spend time out in nature. So, go for a run in the park, play football in your back yard or spend the day at the zoo

  1. Don’t go crazy with the drinks

In the hustle and bustle of the week, most of us don’t have much beer and wine during the week, but if you tend to loosen up over the weekend just remember that the calories in soft drinks, milkshakes and sweet teas and coffees can add up quickly. When it comes to alcohol, enjoy responsibly and forgo the binge drinking. Your liver will thank you!

  1. Ditch the idea of cheat day

The weekend is time for you to enjoy yourself—not a time to “cheat” on your diet and exercise plan. Being healthy requires adopting a long-term lifestyle, not just a diet and exercise plan that you can maintain Monday through Friday.

With these simple actions, you can stay on track with your health goals whatever day it is.