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5 Questions To Ask Your Doctor On Your Next Visit

By January 8, 2015 Fitness No Comments

Has this ever happened to you: you walk out of the doctor’s office after a check-up, get into your car and on your way home you think of a long list of questions you should’ve asked your doctor? Apart from the fact that a doctor’s visit can be expensive, you owe it to yourself to take responsibility for your health and make the most of the time you spend with your doctor during your annual check-up.

In preparation for your next check-up, start by keeping a health diary. Write down everything that concerns you about your health so that you can discuss these issues with your doctor. Apart from these discussion points, we have compiled a checklist of questions that you might also find helpful:

  • What medical tests should I go for?

There are different medical tests you need to start going for depending on your age or your family’s medical history. Ask your doctor which medical tests or prevention screenings you need to go for considering your personal health profile.

  • Can I have a copy of my Personal Health Records?

You can request a copy of your personal health records from your doctor. These records will detail all your previous visits to your doctor, symptoms noted and medicine subscribed. Make sure to get these records when moving or changing doctors.

  • Is the medication I’m taking still relevant?

Whether you’re taking chronic medication or over-the-counter supplements and vitamins, discuss these with your doctor so that he can evaluate whether or not you should continue with it.

  • What lifestyle changes should I make?

Perhaps you have a few kilos to lose or perhaps you need to bring down your cholesterol – whatever the case, ask your doctor about lifestyle changes you can implement to improve your condition or your health in general.

  • Is this normal or should I be worried?

Don’t put off asking your doctor about seemingly embarrassing issues. Remember that doctors have seen much worse cases in medical textbooks and in real life. Speak up about anything that concerns you before it gets out of hand.

What do you think are important questions to ask your doctor? Which issues do you regularly discuss with your doctor that you find helpful?

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