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Charting baby’s growth

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As a parent you want to know that your baby is growing normally and one of the tools used all over the world to measure this is a baby growth chart, which is the core of your child’s health record and allows you to see whether your baby is growing at the expected rate.

A baby growth chart is designed to track how your infant grows in terms of their:

  • Length
  • Weight
  • Head circumference

Your health care provider will measure your baby on these parameters and enter the details in your baby’s growth chart. Children who are growing at the expected rate and whose height or length and weight are pretty well matched are generally healthy.

Just like adults, children come in lots of different sizes and the range of what is considered “normal” growth is wide-ranging. Breastfed babies tend to be heavier in the first few months and comparatively thinner later than children who are on formula milk. Genetics and other factors also play a role in how baby progresses. Even though some babies grow fast and others grow slowly, both can be normal.

The early growth reflects how your baby grows as a newborn and their nutrition in the first months. After about 6 months they start to reflect the build they’ve inherited from their family.

Boys and girls have separate growth charts, because boys are on average slightly heavier and taller than girls, and so their growth patterns are different. See Boy’s growth chart growth chart and Girl’s growth chart with parameters recommended by the WHO.

Keep these individual differences in mind as you follow your child’s growth. Temporary ups and downs from your baby’s percentile curve are quite normal and usually not a cause for concern. Ups might happen with a growth spurt and short term downs might happen after a bout of illness for example.

The Cenhealth baby growth chart helps you keep a digital record of your baby’s growth.Use it as a back up of your hospital issued paper records which can get lost or damaged.  An electronic copy allows you to always have it on hand and you can access it on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

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