CenHealth is a digital Personal Health Record (PHR) online platform, which allows you to create and keep a life-long record of your health. Your CenHealth record is a central place to keep your health information updated and organised. As the owner of the record, whenever you change doctors, referred to new specialists, or require care while travelling, you have the information available.

Key features include:

  • Create a personalised account
  • You can add, remove and delete information
  • Portable, can be accessed on various devices, including desktop, tablet, and smartphone
  • Works with any platform- Android and IOS
  • Create single or family accounts. If you are a custodian for others like children or elderly parents you can also set up an account for them
  • Receive alerts when there are changes to your account


CenHealth provides you the capability to collate and manage your health related information, such as:

Personal demographics – Age, Gender, Location

Vital Signs – Such as weight, blood pressure and BMI. These are basic health indications and serve as a baseline for monitoring your health in the long-term.

Allergies and Sensitivities – List foods or substances you are allergic to, this information is especially crucial in emergencies.

You can list all the drugs you react to so that these are not prescribed to you. You can also describe how your body reacts to a certain substance so that it is easily recognised.

Medications – List all the prescriptions and over the counter medication you are currently taking, or took in the past.

Chronic Conditions – On-going conditions such as Diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol may need constant monitoring. You can enter information on the progression of your disease, the treatment you are undergoing, medication you are on and the lifestyle changes you have made.

Immunizations – Vaccinations, especially for babies and young children. Track when your child is vaccinated, for which disease and use the records for school admission. Adults can also enter information for boosters and travel vaccinations.

Family Medical History – List conditions which run in the family, because some diseases are hereditary and your family history helps your doctor to assess your risk profile and look out for diseases you are predisposed to.

Laboratory Tests and Results – Note the date and type of blood and other lab tests you may have. CenHealth allows you to protect your results with Two-step authentication, which is an extra layer of security.

Radiology Reports – Images of X-rays, prenatal scans and other images can be uploaded into a file. You can share these with any new specialists or doctors, without having to take disks or print outs.

Continuity of Care Record -A standardised summary of information about your health, meant to help you continue to follow care after being discharged from a healthcare facility. It includes past and current patient information, and can be shared across various electronic applications.


  • Free to create- You don’t need to invest a lot of time or money to create an account
  • Portability- you don’t need permission from health practitioners to access your records
  • Backup- if your health practitioner loses your information, you have your own copies
  • Reduce error- Over time you may forget details such as dates, medical terminology or doctor’s orders
  • Improve Reliability- Your account allows you to access all health information with certainty
  • Accessibility- Can be accessed globally because the information can be accessed online
  • Emergency assistance- In an emergency, you may not be able to share crucial information. Your emergency summary allows paramedics to assist you quickly and effectively
  • Save time- You can use your account to prefill medical aid forms, hospital registration and other lengthy forms
  • Creates a full health picture- Over time, see how your health is progressing and make changes where necessary



The CenHealth Med app is for registered medical practitioners only. This enables the medical practitioners access vital medical information on CenHealth members in times of emergency such as a motor accident situation, why knowledge of the victim’s allergies, blood type and medication is of paramount importance to save a life.


What steps does CenHealth take to keep my data safe?
To access your account, you will create a unique user ID and password that ensures your information cannot be viewed or changed by anyone else. We issue you a unique member number which is linked to your account. Your unique CenHealth Numberor your email address (used for registration) is your user ID to obtain access to your CenHealth account. For added security, you can select one of the additional questions asked, in which the answer you give is known to you alone and part of your security profile. This is used for the detailed health information section of your account to further protect sensitive health information.

How do I know that my information is safe?
You are the only one that can access your Health Record through your secure user name and password. Alerts or notifications are sent via email or SMS to your phone to inform you of access to your CenHealth account. While CenHealth takes strict measures to ensure security, part of that responsibility is shared by you. We cannot protect your information if you give your access details (user name and password) to someone else, or leave them exposed to others who then access your record.

Can I block out certain parts of my account from being seen by other people?
Yes. Permissions from the account holder are required before other people can access records. This is done via the security settings page on your CenHealth account. Also see “sharing my Information” question above.

Does CenHealth share my information with anyone?
No, we do not share your information with external parties. Your information is not searchable on search engines. We also do not share your information with 3rd party companies, organisations or government agencies. See our Privacy policy, terms and conditions for more details.

Can I lose the information in my account?
Our servers utilize redundant storage devices. If one server hard drive fails, the component can be replaced on the fly and continue operation without losing data. All CenHealth servers are backed up on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


If you want help with a question about your CenHealth account, benefits or any concerns, please contact us by:
Twitter: @Cen_Health


Personal Health Records (PHR) is a collection of personalised health information data that is managed directly by the consumer, patient or user. This differs from an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that is directly managed by a medical practitioner or Hospital. A PHR puts you in the driving seat to own and manage your health, but more importantly recall significant health related events in your life at the click of a mouse.


All you need is:

  • An e-mail address
  • Create your own password
  • Provide us with your mobile number for extra security, so that you can get alerts and notifications when there is activity on your account
  • You can make modifications to your information anytime you wish to

Creating an account is free!


An emergency summary highlights all the essential information you wish to make available to paramedics and other medical personnel in the event of an emergency.

Who can I grant access to?
If your child, parent or other dependants in the care of others, such as schools, old age homes or travel assistants, you can grant them access to the emergency summary. This will enable them act by being aware of allergies, blood type or medication that is required urgently to remedy the situation.

How can I create an emergency summary?
Your Emergency summary can be viewed separately from the rest of your records. This summary can be accessed via the CenHealth Med App.You can grant or revoke access to your summary at any point.

What if I go where there is no connectivity or devices? You can also print your summary to be kept as a paper copy in your vehicle, purse or wallet.


With CenHealth, you choose who you want to share your health information with.

Who can I share information with?
You may wish to share your information with your medical professional such as your doctor, dentist or specialist medical professional. You may also grant access to your spouse or care taker. For those with children, you simply create a family account, which you use to manage the health records for the whole family. You will always be alerted when information is being accessed, either by email or your mobile phone.

How do I share information?
CenHealth provides each user account with the ability to grant specific people the permission to view your health records. The people that can access your CenHealth account, must also be members of the CenHealth community. This applies to both medical practitioners and non medical personnel (i.e. family and friends).

What if I do not want to share all my information?
Your Personal Health information is held categorised under various sectionson your account. You can restrict access to certain information, based on what you want the individual to view. For instance you may grant access to Maternity care and emergency sections only to your Gynaecologist. You can allow family or friends to only access basic information, and block them from viewing more sensitive details. The decision is entirely yours to make.

What if I suspect that someone has accessed my account?
Reset your password on the login page. Click Reset Password and we will send you an e-mail to reset your password.


CenHealth keeps your records for as long as you wish. If you wish to delete your record, you can de-activate your account and send an email to to delete your records.