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Got 5 minutes to create an emergency profile? It could save your life

By February 17, 2015 Emergency No Comments

When there is an emergency, every second counts. The more information those helping have about you, the better prepared they are to save your life. And since an emergency can happen anytime, it’s better to prepare ahead and create an Emergency Profile before you need it.

What is an Emergency Profile?

It’s a quick summary of all the information paramedics, anyone helping you or a family member in an emergency will need to assist faster and better. It helps to align assistance to your specific health profile. For instance a heavy 65 year old male is two to three times more likely to have a heart attack than a 35 year old, a factor that can influence emergency care.

How do I update Emergency Information?

Log into your CenHealth account, click on the Emergency Information icon. Go to the orange ‘Enter or Update information’ tab on the right side of the screen, and then enter all the details. These include:

If a blood transfusion is needed at the site of an accident, this information can save crucial time Anyone helping you needs to know this in case you are having an extreme allergic reaction, or should not be given certain medication Alert those closest to you  because they may have useful information about you and can offer support To facilitate care, especially in private clinics and hospitals where admission may depend on your medical insurance Pre-existing medical conditions can be related to the emergency, so those who help need to know if there are any interventions they should avoid, or any precautions that need to be taken Avoid dangerous drug interactions, awareness of certain side effects


By creating an online profile  for yourself, your kids and parents, you will be better organized, equipped and ready in the event of an emergency.

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