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What you should know about date rape drugs

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Going out for cocktails and having a good time with friends is meant to be fun, but it doesn’t always end up that way if your drink gets spiked with drugs. Physical assault and rape date are usually motives for giving others date drugs. What are date drugs? Date rape drugs, also called “club drugs” are drugs used to assist in a sexual assault, including rape. In some cases they are used to subdue victims with the intention of robbing them. The most common drugs are flunitrazepam (Rohypnol), also called roofies; gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), also called liquid ecstasy; and…

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How to help if you come across a car accident

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Staff writer You’re driving home one evening and you are happen across the scene of a car accident. No one else is around, and you have to do something to help. What do you do? Call an ambulance Getting experienced, capable help on the scene is often the difference between life and death. Get your bearings right so that you can give the emergency responder the correct location of where you are. Try and explain as best as you can the nature of the accident and injuries you have seen. If the paramedics arrive on the scene, do exactly as…

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How your Mobile phone can save your life

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Staff writer Mobile phones have a bad reputation for causing accidents, distracting people and generally being a safety hazard. But a study published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine has found that patients are more likely to survive when emergency services are called from a mobile phone rather than a landline. The study stated that the use of mobile phones to alert emergency services in a life-threatening situation is linked with improved mortality rates at the scene in patients with medical problems and a lower likelihood of admission to the emergency department. Here are some ideas of how to turn…

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Have Allergies? Never leave the house without these things

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Allergies can catch you off guard; triggered by a visit to the buffet table or being stung by an insect when you’re out at a sporting event. Anyone who suffers from allergies knows that an attack can escalate from uncomfortable to severe in a short period of time. To be prepared for a reaction at all times create an Emergency Allergy Kit which you keep with you at all times. Here is what you need to have in there. Inhalers Fast-acting inhaler medications control inflammation in the airways and are ideal if you suffer from asthma symptoms.  For a mild…

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