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What to eat if you have diabetes

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Most diabetics are under the impression that a diabetic diet is one which merely avoids sweet food. Instead the focus should be on a healthy-eating plan that’s naturally rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories. A diabetes diet has an emphasis on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. When you eat excess calories and fat, your body responds by creating an undesirable rise in blood glucose. If blood glucose isn’t kept in check, it can lead to serious problems, such as a dangerously high blood glucose level and chronic complications, such as nerve, kidney and heart damage. FOOD TO…

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Pregnant? Here’s how CenHealth makes your journey easier

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If you just found out you’re pregnant, be smart and track your journey in one place. A personal health record (PHR) such as Cenhealth helps you keep your history in one place – saving you time when you need to pull it up quickly. BLOOD PRESSURE Your blood pressure readings provide a guide of how well your pregnancy has been progressing going. High Blood pressure can compromise the amount of oxygen and nutrients your baby gets. WEIGHT While it’s fine for pregnant women to lose or gain weight, it needs to be within a healthy range. Rapid weight gain can…

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The best snacks to take to work

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Raise your hand if you know you should eat healthier snacks at work, but somehow end up bingeing on junk food. Healthy snacks are easier to find than you think, here are some ideas for what to take to work. Fresh fruit: You can’t go wrong with fresh fruit at the office. Slice up some fruits into a beautiful salad. If that sounds like too much effort, pack low-maintenance picks like apples, oranges, and pears, so all you need to do is wash and eat.   Dried Fruit: Fresh fruit is always a great snack option but if you want…

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4 Tips for a Healthier Weekend

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The weekend can be a danger zone when it comes to our health and weight-loss goals. During the week, we usually fall into a habit of having three steady meals, plan our snacks, fit in exercise at the same time and generally stay on track with positive behaviour, but the weekend is where it can all fall to pieces. If your healthy habits get kicked to the curb on the weekend, here are some tips to keep you on track Eat as if its a weekday When Saturday rolls around, sleeping in or running around with errands means you can easily…

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Simple ways to get heart healthy

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Many believe that heart health involves strenuous tasks and countless hours at the gym. But just 30 minutes of exercise five out of seven days a week can reduce heart attack risk by up to 50 percent. Here are some simple tips for a heart-healthy: Be active for at least 30 minutes a day Choose foods that are low in sodium and saturated fat Take steps to quit smoking Know your numbers. If your blood glucose (sugar), cholesterol, blood pressure, and/or BMI are abnormal, get treatment. If you want to get serious about protecting your heart, you can get a fitness…

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Lost an ear? replacement tissue may be on the horizon

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Using a sophisticated, custom-designed 3D printer, regenerative medicine scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have proved that it is feasible to print living tissue structures to replace injured or diseased tissue in patients. Reporting in Nature Biotechnology, the scientists said they printed ear, bone and muscle structures. When implanted in animals, the structures matured into functional tissue and developed a system of blood vessels. Most importantly, these early results indicate that the structures have the right size, strength and function for use in humans. “This novel tissue and organ printer is an important advance in our quest to make…

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Half the world to be short-sighted by 2050

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Nearly 5 billion people will be short-sighted (myopic) by 2050, with up to one-fifth of them (1 billion) at a significantly increased risk of blindness if current trends continue, says a study published in the journal Ophthalmology. The rapid increase in the prevalence of myopia globally is attributed to, “environmental factors (nurture), principally lifestyle changes resulting from a combination of decreased time outdoors and increased near work activities, among other factors,” say the authors from Brien Holden Vision Institute, University of New South Wales Australia and Singapore Eye Research Institute. The findings point to a major public health problem, with…

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4 Tips to help you look younger for longer

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If you find yourself looking in the mirror  and are looking a bit worse for wear, here are a few easy changes you can make to your everyday life to pump youthfulness back into your looks. Eat good fats Research shows dietary fat is of great benefit of the skin. Unsaturated fats are important for trapping water in skin, which keeps it moisturized and looking healthy and young. A study in the journal Plos One also found that a higher intake of monounsaturated fatty acids from plant sources like avocado and nuts was associated with less noticeable aging; the nutrients can help subdue…

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Texting at night affects teens’ sleep and school grades

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Research has found that students who turned off their devices or who messaged for less than 30 minutes after lights out performed significantly better in school than those who messaged for more than 30 minutes after lights out. The study, published in the Journal of Child Neurology, is the first of its kind to link night time instant messaging habits of American teenagers to sleep health and school performance. “We need to be aware that teenagers are using electronic devices excessively and have a unique physiology,” says study author Xue Ming, professor of neuroscience and neurology at Rutgers New Jersey…

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It’s all in the sweat: What new wearable sensors can reveal from your perspiration

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Engineers have developed the first fully integrated electronic system that can provide continuous, noninvasive monitoring of multiple biochemicals in sweat. The advance opens doors to wearable devices that alert users to health problems such as fatigue, dehydration and dangerously high body temperatures. Specifically, it is for a flexible sensor system that can measure metabolites and electrolytes in sweat, calibrate the data based upon skin temperature and sync the results in real time to a smartphone. “Human sweat contains physiologically rich information, thus making it an attractive body fluid for non-invasive wearable sensors,” said study principal investigator Ali Javey, a UC…

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