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5 Best Health Apps For Women

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Elzanne Amao Now, more than ever before, we have access to thousands of apps and other means of technology to help us live healthier lives. We have found five apps which will help you stay connected with your health on various levels: Daily Yoga                                                                                                                …

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How to use personal data to improve Corporate Health

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The success of any workplace programme is hugely reliant on employees taking charge of their health. But until now, employees haven’t really had the data or tools to measure how healthy, or unhealthy they are at any given time. But the advent of digital technology and mobile devices in the workplace are presenting huge opportunities to give people more control over their health. One of these is over their health information. What does health data have to do it? Your health data is key in outlining your levels of fitness and wellbeing. A high blood pressure or cholesterol reading are…

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How your Mobile phone can save your life

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Staff writer Mobile phones have a bad reputation for causing accidents, distracting people and generally being a safety hazard. But a study published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine has found that patients are more likely to survive when emergency services are called from a mobile phone rather than a landline. The study stated that the use of mobile phones to alert emergency services in a life-threatening situation is linked with improved mortality rates at the scene in patients with medical problems and a lower likelihood of admission to the emergency department. Here are some ideas of how to turn…

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