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Insider tip: The amazing way people now are tracking their health


Want to know yourself better, so you can make healthier choices and feel better? That’s essentially what the Quantified Self movement is all about.

Quantified Selfers (QSs) use various self-tracking methods to measure different facets of their life, which helps indicate specific habits that make them feel a certain way. They’ll track anything from sleep to food, exercise, heart rate, mood, sex frequency, and bathroom observations. The goal is to better understand behaviors, which can hopefully lead to certain personal changes and in turn better health.

While the QS movement has increased in recent years, it’s not all that new, nor is it completely out of the ordinary.

The biggest differentiator between simply tracking health and being a part of the “movement” comes down to data. Instead of just jotting down information (for instance, “I consumed 1,900 calories today and spent R152.72 on groceries”), QSs analyze and learn from their data. They enhance these numbers with technology, which aggregates the data and provides insight on behaviors, trends, and patterns.


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Source: https://www.fix.com/blog/keeping-track-of-your-quantified-self/