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How to find the best doctor for you


Keeping in mind that your doctor is someone you share a lot of personal and intimate information with, you should choose someone you are comfortable with and can trust. When looking for a new doctor, most of us ask friends and family to recommend someone, but here are a few questions you need to consider before settling on your new doctor.


How near or far is the practice from your home and work. If the doctor’s location isn’t convenient or accessible, you may find it difficult to go there. Pick a doctor who is based somewhere close by and easy to get to whether you are using your own transport or will be relying on public transportation


Is the doctor easy to see or are there hoops to jump for them to even give you a second thought? For instance, how long must you wait for an appointment after you call and can you be seen at short notice if you have an urgent issue? Are there various ways of reaching the doctor? Are they available online, via email, Instant Message or some other digital communication platform? If the doctor is only reachable from 8-5, Monday to Friday and can’t be reached any other way, you may want to look for a doctor who can be reached more easily.

One on one match

Discussing health issues and treatments can be a very personal experience so finding a doctor you can be at ease with and 100% honest with is massively important. Some of the questions to ask yourself are; do you mind a doctor who is older than you or equally happy to have a young doctor? Are you more comfortable with a male or a female doctor? Which language do you prefer to engage in to have effective interaction? Beyond difficult phrases and medical terms, speaking to a doctor can be challenging, so if you feel more comfortable using your native language, find this common ground.

Credentials and Reputation

Is your doctor certified to practice? Which school did they attend and what qualifications do they hold?

There are lots of sites that review doctors and what people say about their bedside manner, professionalism and expertise. These comments can be very insightful and show you any red flags. Keep in mind that reviews may not always give you an accurate picture of a doctor and some patients may not be objective about an event, but you can spot patterns if people give the same feedback over and over.


Medical care can be very expensive, so compare consulting and treatment fees ahead of time. If the fee is too high or they don’t take certain medical aids, you may struggle to pay for consultations, prescriptions or treatment that may arise.

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