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How to winter-proof your fitness routine


Keeping up your fitness routine can be extra hard in winter because all you want to do is stay on the couch and sip on hot chocolate and enjoy the latest series on TV. However, keeping up with your fitness will allow you to stay energetic in winter and stay in shape the whole year round. Here are a few tips on how to winter-proof your fitness routine

Dress for it

Update your workout wardrobe with this season’s latest fitness gear to keep you warm. Stock up on warm items such as gloves, headbands, leggings and socks- but make sure they are made for exercise otherwise you could get uncomfortable.

Have fun indoors

If it’s too cold to go for a run or hike, stay in. Going to gym is a great alternative and you can try out machines and equipment you don’t usually use. If gym is not your thing, working out at home is a great alternative. Get some DVDs or perhaps  a stair climber, stationary bike in front of a home treadmill so you don’t get too bored.

Join a group

Research shows that unless you’re consistently a highly motivated self-starter, your chances of sticking to a long-term fitness plan without a partner or group are significantly lower. Working out with others can make the time go by much more quickly, and having someone who can encourage you to keep going will bolster your self-esteem and keep your motivation levels high.

Get digital about your health

Fitness trackers and apps can keep you moving and motivated when it’s really hard to work out. Tracking or logging your workouts keeps you aware of your activity. Also, having clear data on how many steps you are clocking is a great tool that will stop you from sliding off your routine.

Be flexible with your schedule

Working out early in the morning or the evenings can be harder in the winter months, because that’s when it’s darkest and coldest. If you can, adjust your schedule to work out at mid-morning or during your lunch hour when you are more likely to be enthusiastic.

Other quick tips:

  • Strengthen your immune system with a diet full of immune system-boosting foods,
  • Get good sleep – don’t over sleep too much as this can make you feel sluggish
  • Go out and enjoy fresh air every day, it will boost your mood and keep your mind sharp
  • In winter it takes longer for the muscles to warm up, so stretch and increase intensity gradually
  • After exercise, get out of wet clothes as quickly as possible

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