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How your Mobile phone can save your life


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Mobile phones have a bad reputation for causing accidents, distracting people and generally being a safety hazard. But a study published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine has found that patients are more likely to survive when emergency services are called from a mobile phone rather than a landline.

The study stated that the use of mobile phones to alert emergency services in a life-threatening situation is linked with improved mortality rates at the scene in patients with medical problems and a lower likelihood of admission to the emergency department.

Here are some ideas of how to turn your mobile phone into a life saving device


Make a brief call to emergency services. If you’re not getting through quickly enough, or live in an area with poor emergency service response, call someone who can assist and inform them of your situation. Keep the call short so that you don’t run down your battery or finish your airtime. If you are able to, follow up your call with an SMS to confirm important details


If you are in a situation where lots of people are trying to get help, such as a flood, earthquake or any other mass disaster, the grid can get overloaded. Calls may not go through but down but SMS often can. SMS also lets deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people communicate in an emergency. Your message should give your location and brief description of the nature of your situation.

Set up ICE

ICE stands for “In Case of Emergency”. Adding this to your phone is a clever means by which emergency personnel can locate your next of kin when something goes wrong. Program ICE  with the name of your emergency contact into your speed dial.

For example:

  • ICE-Wife
  • ICE-Dad

Inform these people that they are your emergency contacts and let them know if you have any allergies, if you are taking any medication and any other medical conditions they need to know about.  Urge your family to also set up ICE contacts in their phone.

Create a CenHealth Emergency Profile

Help paramedics help you by listing all your vital information where they can easily find it. You can opt to send alerts to your family or friends when you are in an emergency situation and need their help.

If you’re ever in a tough spot, your mobile phone can be your friend. Remember to keep your phone well topped up with call credit and battery power

Your CenHealth emergency profile is easy to create and best of all, can be linked to ER24 emergency response. sign up today and get help at the press of a button


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