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New digital health innovations that will improve the lives of senior citizens


Staff writer

According to the World Health Organization, in 1900, global life expectancy was just 31 years old; fast forward to 2015 and it sits at just over 70 years old. The trend of living longer means that healthcare needs to meet the needs of a growing number of active and vibrant senior citizens.

Here are a few innovations which could help the elderly:

Home Sensors

Various types of sensors can be installed throughout the home and track patterns of motion to detect falls, wandering and missed medication. Contact sensors can be placed on doors and windows to monitor if a fridge or some other door is left opened. Pressure Sensors can be put into beds, sofas and chairs to record how well a person has slept, if there has been a lot of tossing and turning, or if they haven’t gotten out of bed. If the sensors detect a fall or some unusual activity, the system then sends out customized alerts to family and care takers.

 Remote monitoring

Senior citizens with chronic conditions can have devices strapped to their wrist, chest, arm or any other body part to monitor heart and pule rates, ECGs, blood oxygen saturation level, blood pressure, respiration rate and skin temperature and gives physicians and caregivers remote access to a patient’s results.

The physicians can access it on mobile devices, computers and Internet-connected television. Remote patient monitoring is meant to limit the need for senior citizens to travel for monitoring their health, and recognise small problems before they become critical.

Portable digital imaging devices

To avoid the stress of travelling and getting in waiting lines if they are recovering from an operation or undergoing physiotherapy from an injury, elderly patients can have X-rays done from their home or care facility.

Mobile digital imaging devices can save time, be done at the patient’s convenience. Because they are digital, the images are shareable and can be accessed by teams of radiologists, doctors, therapists and any other specialists for more synchronised treatment of patients.

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