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Ready for school? Tips for keeping immunization records up to date


Keeping up-to-date immunization records for your family, especially your children, is important. You will need your children’s immunization records to register them for school or to travel. It is your responsibility to keep a personal record of the immunizations (vaccines) you have had in your lifetime.

Most records are kept on paper, which is can be easily lost or damaged by a spilled drink or in a fire. That’s why electronic records such as Cenhealth are a great option; because the data is kept in a single place, when you need copies of immunizations records to enrol your child in school, or for international travel, they will be much easier to get. A digital record is also easier to keep as it can be emailed to the school or doctor, and you can access it on any tablet or smart phone anywhere in the world.

Essentials of an up to date accurate immunization record

  • Bring the record to each of your child’s doctor visits
  • Record the name of the vaccine given
  • Date the child was given the vaccine
  • You should also note where your child got the shot – knowing at which doctor’s office or clinic your child received a vaccine will help you maintain a solid trail

Save yourself the inconvenience and hassle that results from not keeping good records. If your child’s vaccination records cannot be located or are incomplete, your child is considered susceptible to disease and can be vaccinated (or revaccinated) against vaccine-preventable diseases. It is safe for your child to be vaccinated, even if they he or she may have already received that vaccine.


Why rely on paper when you can use CenHealth’s immunization tracker? Keep your records better and Sign up and start today.