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Denise, 33
Baby on the way
Runs catering business
Movies, hiking, Hosting parties

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Denise and Sim expecting her first baby, and are excited about being new parents. Denise read that being active and eating healthy throughout her pregnancy are very important, and she is happy that so far, she has had no complications. She is still active at work and enjoying her social life.

Denise goes for her regular pre-natal check ups, where her doctor measures her weight, blood pressure and does other physical checks. She has been recording the outcome of every visit and when blood work has been ordered, she has kept the results of her lab results in her CenHealth Account.

The first time I got my prenatal baby scan, it was so surreal. I have gotten four so far and the baby looks more like a person every time. I have downloaded copies of my scans in my CenHealth account where they wont get crumpled and lost. I also record my weight gain and blood pressure after every visit so that I don’t forget how I am progressing. I am really looking forward to my baby and I am glad I have CenHealth to keep a record of my health journey.

Lindi 31, Khaya 2 years old
Image consultant
Playing puzzles, baking cookies and backyard picnics

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Khaya’s vaccination schedule is something Busy mom Lindi is very careful to stay on top of. She knows that between the age of 0-3, her child will have 18 immunization shots, and she needs to make sure that Khaya gets her injections at the right intervals.

Up to date from the beginning.

Lindi started Khaya’s CenHealth profile the week after she was born using a family account. She has been recording every immunization and the CenHealth alerts let her know when they are due to go in for another vaccination.

It gives me peace of mind to know that even though I am very busy and my life gets hectic, I am keeping a record of what is happening with my child’s health. I don’t need to rely on my memory, I can pull up my diary and see when we last had a check-up, or be reminded of visits I need to schedule. CenHealth helps me stay on track, and works well for busy mothers.

JJ, 14
Student and budding soccer star
Soccer, video games and music

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When he was 8 years old, JJ started to lose weight, was thirsty all the time, needed the toilet a lot and was more tired than usual. He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

When he was younger, JJ’s mom used to check his blood sugar levels daily and administer his insulin shots, but when he was 12, he took over and now checks his sugar himself and gives himself the shots.

JJ’s mom created a CenHealth account for him so that they could have a record of his health at home, but also to remind them of their appointments and when medication refills are coming up.

JJ loves technology, so he find that CenHealth works great because he can access and update his records whether he is at home, or travelling to play a match out of town. The emergency App gives him piece of mind, because if he ever passes out due to low blood sugar, paramedics will be able to know about his condition very quickly.

I monitor my blood glucose levels every day and its really convenient to have a glucometer that uploads my results directly to my phone, and my CenHealth account. When I visit my doctor, I can show her my results over the last few months, that way she can spot any problems ahead of time.

Luke, 28
Graphic Designer
Playing guitar, watching Formula 1, camping

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Tragedy Hits
When Luke was 25, he had a horrible car accident one night. He was lucky to survive the wreck, but he suffered a back injury which almost left him paralysed. With intense therapy, Luke has been able to walk again and function fairly normally.

A 360 degree view

Treating Luke’s injuries requires a team of doctors; a pain management specialist , chiropractic surgeon and physiotherapist.

When Luke first started his care, he was happy to collect his X-rays, his medicine scripts and his medical insurance forms in a loose paper file, but he accidentally spilled a cup of coffee all over his file, destroying most of his valuable information.

He started his CenHealth account so that he wouldn’t have to worry about losing his information to water, fire or theft.

I wish I had started keeping my records much earlier. They have helped me keep my paperwork in order, now when I make a medical aid claim I don’t struggle to find what I need. Because I have a team of different doctors, I am now able to keep track of what each of them is doing for me, and share the information among the different specialists. Now my treatments and check-ups are much smoother because I have full information of what each is doing and I’m an active player in my recovery. I keep track of what each specialist does, when they start, when they finish and what changes happen from one X-ray or scan to another.

Linda, 38
Financial Services Executive
Shopping, theatre, golf

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Linda’s bank is expanding its footprint to 5 new countries this year. She has been travelling a lot to oversee the expansion of new offices. On her last trip, she got struck with Malaria and had to seek care locally.

In the last few years, she had to get her yellow fever, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis vaccinations in addition to taking prophylaxis for malaria.

My CenHealth Account was a life saver when I fell sick on a business trip out of the country. The doctors were able to view my health history, know what medication I was taking and evaluate my health risks. They were also able to easily review my vaccination history and make a diagnosis because my details were up to date and fully documented. I downloaded the results from the blood tests I took to share with my GP when I got back home.

Julius, 67
Retired Property developer
Restoring classic cars, going to church, listening to jazz music

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Julius ran a successful construction company for over 15 years, erecting landmark buildings and working on huge projects.

Julius started suffering from chest pain, shortness of breath, numbness in the legs and pain in the neck.

It turned out that Julius was suffering from Cardiac Disease and was immediately put on treatment. His doctors told him that stress would only make his condition worse, and he went into retirement and his daughter asked him to come and stay with her in Cape Town.

When I first started feeling unwell, I was very unhappy because I couldn’t keep up with my work. My daughter stepped in and helped me by creating a CenHealth Record. Now, all my scans, blood tests and medications are in order, and if I travel to see old friends in Johannesburg or Durban, I don’t have to worry taking huge files with me. My daughter uses the Health diary to make sure I never miss any check ups and after every visit, we update my records. I have a chronic condition which we need to keep a close eye on. At my age, I forget quite a bit, and my CenHealth account is an easy way of pulling up information I need.

Marian, 70
Retired Nurse
Travelling, movies, playing piano, walking

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Marian is a retired nurse. She lives with her husband, who owns a textile factory. They have three daughters and seven grandchildren.

Marian has an active social life, and spend a lot of time with her daughters and grand kids. Marian had a knee replacement last year and has been trying to get back to her former level of activity. Marian has been diagnosed with blood pressure and recently underwent cataract surgery to remove some from her eyes. In the last year, she has had numerous scans, x-rays and blood tests to narrow down her ailments, which could be attributed to normal ageing or something more serious. Marian updates her CenHealth record after every doctor’s visit or check up.

Even though Marian was a nurse, she still needed to follow doctor’s orders. After being discharged following the knee replacement, she uploaded continuity of care record to her account, giving her a full picture of what happened during her admission.

I am now quite forgetful, and my prescriptions record helps me keep track of the painkillers, blood thinners, and other drugs I have taken. My Cenhealth record gives me peace of mind because my daughters can keep track of what is going with my health, but also that I don’t have to use my patchy memory when consulting with my doctor.